November 16, 2015

UFOs over the Balaklava, Russia, October 5, 2015 report a strange UFO sighting that happened over the Balaklava, in Russia, on October 5, 2015. The images show UFO activity of the area. Intense activity caused by military movement. Some kind of plan developed by Russia.

October 5, 2015, Balaklava, Crimeea - This was recorded by an anonymous witness. He saw several objects in the sky. This is a city 10 km away from Sebastopol. An area of constant conflict. This is an area in Ukraine. Russia has military bases in this area. This is a place where UFOs are being seen. On this day the air use was orbidden. No Russian airship could be flying over here. The recording shows UFOs moving around. This was a very cloudy day. The witness thought these were missiles from Russia. He was nervous but kept on recording. The witness wanted to stay anonymous. 
There were at least 10 objects in the sky. Most of the objects presented controlled movements. They were slowly moving. One of the objects was faster than the others. These are spherical bright objects.


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