November 14, 2015

UFO sighting in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, MUFON Case 72181

Witness image #1(Credit: Mufon)
Witness image #2 (Credit: Mufon)

MUFON Case 72181

Date of sighting: 11/05/2015

Eyewitness statement:

1. I was playing my Nintendo 64 when I received a phone call from our homie to go look outside at this light.
2. I noticed the object at the peak of a tree in front of my house, the light was so bright even when clouds covered it.
3. I knew it was in fact a ufo by the way it's lights flashed & the way it was hovering up & down in the sky.
4. The object was at the peak of a tree flashing blue, red & green lights. I used some power lines as a scale & common stars I see every night to see if it was really moving. I noticed it started getting dimmer thus the object then disappeared. After 1 minute has passed, it then reappeared higher from the original spot I saw it at. it was sitting still for over 30 minutes just hovering. I got tired so I decided to go inside. That's when I noticed it was moving further away from my vision. I check outside my window & noticed it was gone.
5. I was shocked to see a UFO again. It has been 6 years since I saw one but this one was like no other. The lights were amazing. I had time to actually record a sighting I knew I'd see again, making my reaction priceless.
6. I didn't lose sight of it, I just walked in my house because I was tired. Although I did look out the window & notice it was gone for good.''


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