November 01, 2015

UFO sighting in Pass Christian, Mississippi, United States - MUFON Case 72035

Credit: Mufon

Credit: Mufon

MUFON Case 72035

Date of the event: 10/28/2015

Eyewitness states: ''We were working in Pass Christian, Miss. tiling a new home. it was a pretty morning so one of my guys decided to take a few pictures of the sunrise from the second story bed room window the date was 10/28/15, it was about 7:15 AM, there was only about 1 minute between pictures, while taking the pictures nothing abnormal was noticed, it was only afterwards when viewing them that we noticed the large bright saucer shaped object with a brightly glowing dome on top, my guess is that the object was moving too fast to see it while taking the pictures, and the camera actually caught it in that one frame. I went to a vintage WW11 air show recently in New Orleans and took many pics of the planes, I even flew in a B-17 and a B-25, while in the air I took many pics, and the camera actually stopped the props in each frame, this is what I think happened that morning, you can see that the UFO is quite large and is very clear, it is in the first picture taken and not the second, the camera angle for each picture is almost exactly the same. I have been interested and watch UFO shows for a great many years now, I was never convinced they were real, but this one picture has changed my mind only because I was there, I still can hardly believe it, but the photo doesnt lie, as you will agree once you examine it, and it is so clear, not like the grainy ones you usually see in the shows on TV.''

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