February 28, 2016

Two large spheres near the sun

Image link:

These two large spheres were discovered by Streetcap1 in NASA photos on February 26, 2016.


February 26, 2016

Really clear flying object in Cartago, Costa Rica

MUFON Case 74756

Date of event: February 24, 2016

Eyewitness states: ''I was with my girlfriend visiting Irazu Volcano national park in Cartago Costa Rica. The weather was really nice. very good sun light not cloudy. This Volcano is 3400 mts of altitude above sea level close to the biosphere. so we were above the clouds. Like when you fly on airplane. the sky was really clear so at 11:00 am on that altitude part of the sky was light black. We were taking pictures of the volcano and the landscape. The clouds looked like a white sea but I noticed close to one of the mountains some clouds with different forms. so I started to take pictures there. Once we finish the tour we headed back home. While I was checking the pictures I noticed one black circle above the mountains I noticed before. It looked like a circular sauce with 2 little antenas one on the top of it and like one on it's tail. On the moment while taking the pictures I did not see it. I took the pictures in a burst. on one pic you can see the object completely clear on the next one vanished. almost in seconds. All the pictures have less then one minute difference.''

Witness image 1. (Credit: Mufon)
Witness image 2. (Credit: Mufon)

Witness image 3. (Credit: Mufon)

February 25, 2016

An unusual UFO-shaped cloud appears over Las Vegas, New Mexico, February 23, 2016

Some residents of Las Vegas in New Mexico were thrown into panic on Monday after spotting a flying saucer-shaped cloud formation hanging low over the city, according to the Inquisitr website. The ''flying saucer UFO'' was a cloud with the image of a classic UFO, so massively structured it looked like it could atomize the building-blasting motherships of Independence Day.

Jorge Torres, chief meteorologist at KOB-TV, who obtained photos of the ''UFO'' and uploaded them to Twitter, tried to calm fears about an Independence Day-style alien invasion, saying that the formation was only a lenticular cloud and not a flying saucer.

But some UFO hunters argued that the massive cloud-like formation was a ''cloaked'' flying saucer UFO. 
UFO researchers explained that with regard to the practice of ''cloud cloaking'' , there are two types of UFOs: the first hide in thick cloud formations while the second generate their own clouds.

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/

February 24, 2016

UFO sighting in Tekirdag, Turkey

Strange orange-yellow lights above the sea.

MUFON Case 74709

Date of event: 01/01/2015

Eyewitness states: ''When I am at home, my mother called me to living room. She saw a light in sky from window. And I took light's picture. Light's color is orange-yellow. It waited in sky for 2-3 minutes. Then it moved to space...My English is not good but I can tell in Turkish to MUFON National Director of Turkey...''

Witness image (Credit: Mufon)

Witness image (Credit: Mufon)

Witness image (Credit: Mufon)

Source: http://www.ufostalker.com/

February 22, 2016

Alien construction on Comet 67P - The secret NASA agenda

Comet 67P

Mysterious new alien structures and the hidden interest in Comet 67P.

Canopy images: http://imgur.com/a/8l9E5
Square image source: http://www.esa.int/spaceinimages/Images/2015/11/Agilkia_mosaic_labelled


February 21, 2016

UFO spotted over Newton Abbot, Devon, UK

The unidentified flying saucer shape was spotted over Newton Abbot in January, and has been described as moving through the skies before vanishing from view, according to the Herald Express website.

John from Devon, took these photographs of the shape which had a domed top hovering in the sky. He spotted the UFO on January 19 at 1:10 pm and says he is certain the shape was an alien craft.

John has shared the picture online, and described his close encounter with the craft to the Daily Star.

He told them:''I had an incredible sighting on the 19th of January 2016 of a flying saucer. I got a very good look at this alien craft and all I can say is WOW! I was sky-watching when I noticed a black object far off in the distance in the direction I was looking. The flying saucer turned back in the direction from where it had come from and then disappeared off into the distance and out of sight. The black object got bigger as it got closer. I could clearly see that the object was in fact a flying saucer and I could see a dome on the top of the saucer.

February 19, 2016

NASA in space: UFO's materialize and change directions

All footage in this video is from NASA Space Shuttles filmed by American Astronauts.

All explained away by NASA as ice, water drops, sun glare, and space junk. Space Shuttle Camera Video. Narrated by Billy Carson.


Six strange lights spotted over Hythe and Folkestone in Kent, February 17, 2016

Six strange lights, pictured, appeared in the skies above Kent and remained there for 30 minutes.

According to the Daily Mail website, at least six lights appeared in the sky over Hythe and Folkestone in Kent and remained there for around half an hour, with several people taking pictures.

Experts are baffled by the phenomenon and the Ministry of Defence, which runs training ranges nearby, have denied they had any part in it.

One suggested explanation was they were military flares sent up to illuminate a mock battlefield, but an MoD spokesman said: ''There were no military exercises taking place at the time.''

It is the latest in a series of strange sightings in Kent, with the county becoming something of a UFO hotspot.
The towns in these areas have large amounts of UFO sightings on a continual basis.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

February 18, 2016

Michael Tellinger - Stone Circles of South Africa

Michael Tellinger:
''I am happy to shares a new video clip of one of the millions of Stones Circles scattered across southern Africa. While some of this structures were adapted by migrating tribes into dwellings for people and often ''cattle kraals'' enclosures for cattle - the original structures go back some 300,000 years - and had nothing to do with dwellings of any sort. These stone structures have no doors and entrances and they all generate astonishing amounts of sound energy and EM fields that simply boggle the mind. They are all energy generating devices that use the knowledge of the laws of nature and cymatics, resonance and frequency to achieve this. We are dealing with ancient advanced technology that we are only now beginning to comprehend. And because these stone walls contain huge amount of silica and quartz, that vibrate at giga-hertz frequencies, we are dealing with ancient silicon-based technology using the silica in its original form - not extracted, so that it can be placed into fancy shiny boxed called silicon chips and sold to dumb schmucks who believe that they are buying the latest technology. These ancients used the quartz in its pure and potent form on a scale unimaginable to us today. All we have to do is to convert the EM fields to useful energy to us today and we have unlimited upply of electricity for the whole world - all from sound and resonance - free from mother Earth. In unity and resonance.''


February 16, 2016

Cylinder UFO appears above Colima volcano

The webcam of the Colima volcano captured images of a cylinder-shaped UFO over the top of the volcano. This footage was filmed by Streetcap 1 on 15th February 2016.

''I sometimes record this feed and the page takes snapshots every few seconds. Caught this on February 15, 2016, I don't think it's lava though, no smoke and too straight. Real-time footage. Streetcap 1.''


February 15, 2016

Pyramids of Egypt: Secrets that egyptologists don't want you to know

It is clearly time to drop the idea that the dynastic Egyptians built the pyramids at Giza. This video will clearly show you that high technology had to have been used. (Brien Foerster)


February 14, 2016

UFO sighting during the solar halo

May 21, 2015 - This halo was seen from different places of Mexico. This was recorded by Gustavo Fuentes. He recorded this with his cell phone. He recorded the halo and something very strange.

''I never saw this when videorecording. I saw it when I checked the videos. I was watching each of them. I saw this in one of them, I don't know what it is. It is a shocking videos. People are shocked when they see the video.''(Gustavo Fuentes)

In this footage we can see several spherical objects. They were moving to the left side. The objects was spinning and then go away at a high speed.


February 12, 2016

UFO spotted soaring above Bristol, February 12, 2016

Bristol woke up to news of a sensational UFO sighting...just weeks after the return of the terrifying ''alien'' sounds that rocked the city.
The unidentified flying object was captured on camera by mum Fiona Powell, 41.
The picture reveals the extraterrestrial object - which looks suspiciously like a flying saucer - hovering just above Bristol's port area.
Fiona was walking along the promenade on Severn Beach just miles from the city centre when she decided to take a picture of the view.
But it wasn't until hours later that she spotted the unexplained visitor hovering in the image.

''I'm undecided whether I believe in aliens or not, but this photo certainly meets the criteria of a UFO'', she said.

The sighting comes after mysterious alien sounds returned to the city a year on - sparking rumours that an invasion might be just around the corner.

February 10, 2016

Akhenaten alien DNA and remote viewing UFOs - Dark Journalist & Jim Marrs

In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back Bestselling author of Alien Agenda Jim Marrs for a fascinating rundown of his latest cutting edge research on UFOs, Remote Viewing, Stargates, Genetic Engineering and Alien DNA.

Remote Viewing UFOs
Marrs reveals his 20 year investigation into the shadowy Black Ops world of Psychic Spies, Remote Viewers, UFO Encounters and Government Cover-ups of advanced technology reverse-engineered from ET craft. Some controversial Remote Viewing by its denizens Ingo Swann and Pat Price reveals that there are ET-controlled UFO bases on Earth, located in four very remote places, in separate continents across the planet. Jim also sees a massive covert program dedicated to keeping the truth of alien involvement on Earth a secret and he details the efforts that Presidents from JFK onward have made, sometimes with fatal results, to wrest the control of the advanced UFO technology from the breakaway military faction inside the Deep National Security State!

Akhenaten is Moses
Theu also explore fascinating and undeniable links to alien involvement in our ancient past and the shocking implications of the parallel lives of the enigmatic Pharaoh Akhenaten and the Biblical Prophet Moses and how their historical paths have intertwined to such an astounding degree that it has led him to the stunning conclusion that they are in fact: The Same Person!

Jim describes evidence that strongly suggests that our distant ancestors were technologically advanced and that sophisticated devices like the Ark of the Covenant were achieved by a close interaction with an advanced off-world culture that is best recorded in the sumerian mythological and historical tablets as the Anunnaki. He describes the two warring alien factions in possession of powerful genetic labs and DNA hybridization knowledge that were given the names Enki and Enlil and who formed the basis for the original books of the bible and represent the concepts of good and evil. He also explores the incredible similarity between the Egyptian Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, Mayan Astronomy Pyramid layouts, and Archaeological Ruins including the Face on Mars.This strongly suggests an advanced off-world culture playing a major role in human development in antiquity.

Navy Whistleblower Richard Theilmann
Jim also reveals his connection to whistleblower Richard Theilmann, a Navy Lt. Commander and veteran of black ops that was part of a mission for the Secret Space Program to perform top secret surveillance of space targets and who had been operated on and given enhancements to help him perform Deep Space Missions.

The Cult of Secrecy
This fascinating Dark Jounalist episode exposes the great expanse between the public consciousness and awareness about UFOs, largely controlled by the mass media vs the true reality on the ground, only available to a few elite insiders who form the greater part of an invisible power structure that is dedicated to ET secrecy in order to preserve the great advantage of the advanced off-world technology. The massive system of Black Budget money that has been harvested from the public budget to research and develop UFO crash retrievals is becoming abundantly obvious as more and more billions go missing from the federal budget


Shapeshifting UFO 'variable' filmed over San Antonio, Texas on January 23, 2016

The UFO researcher Mario Vallejo (SAUFOTX) filmed the mysterious UFO ''variable'' traveling at a high altitude over San Antonio, Texas, on January 23, 2016.
According to Vallejo, he was sky watching, looking westward, when he noticed a white cloud-like object visible high in the cloudless sky. The mysterious object was traveling at a very high altitude and at a constant speed. Vallejo could tell from the motion that the UFO was flying under intelligent control.
As he filmed the mysterious UFO and watched its morphing behavior, he became convinced he was witnessing a rare demonstration of a form of advanced alien propulsion technology, based on conversion of solar energy into EMP. According to Vallejo, he has researched this form of alien technology for years.

Mario Vallejo: ''For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon U.F.O. VARIABLE...It is believed that these Crafts are converting the Suns Energy into Electromagnetic to travel around...If you pay close attention you will notice these U.F.O's have spheres that rotates inside them...According to the Hypotheses Thermomagnetic: In reality these spheres are converting Suns Energy into Electromagnetic. I have researched this subject and come to realized this a Real Phenomenon...In my opinion i believe to have captured one traveling overhead...Thanks to my good friend and fellow Skywatcher Jason Bales...For a first we will clearly see it change shape...And witness for yourself as these UFO Orbs move around inside its structure ...Rare look at how these UFOs Interact...
A High Definition Camera was used EQUIPMENT: JVS GZ-HD3U.

January-23-2016 a UFO Variable was captured traveling high in altitude over San Antonio, Texas..As i was Skywatching facing west this flash high above caught my attention...As i began to film and zoom in you can see it rotating changing its shape..It was clearly traveling at a high altitude at constant speed in a controlled manner. Used the Top of trees/fence as reference point (giving the altitude/it was traveling)...I tried my best to keep it in frame as it traveled overhead. With using the Tripod you can see travel at a constant Speed/Direction and witness for yourself as these UFO Orbs move around inside its structure...In my Opinion it was clearly no aircraft, weather balloon, satellite, space debris.''


Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/

February 09, 2016

Is this a UFO crashing to the ground outside of Russian city?

A UFO sighting to be falling in the background of the skyline just outside of a Russian city. The UFO was seen to be descending at an alarming rate. 
A video shot in Russia has got UFO watchers excited after some claimed it was an alien vehicle plunging into the earth. 
The video was shot by Russian man Mikhail Litvinov who said he spotted the device leaving a huge plume of gas behind it as it plunged to earth on the outskirts of the central Russian city of Kemerovo.
It quickly attracted thousands of views as people debated what it could be, with many pointing out it was too slow to be a meteorite, but producing too much of a gas trail to be an aeroplane.
The gas is off-white in colour at the tail end but becomes blacker closer to the object.
Speaking to Russian news site Komsomolskaya, Litvinov said: ''From my side I hope it was a shooting star.''
Journalists from Russian news site Bloknot contacted Russian airborne forces who said that there were no registered incidents in the skies over Kemerovo at the time involving either crashed craft. One online commentator said: ''It was going down so fast I reckon it was a Russian Rouble.''
While another observed: ''It is certainly too slow to be a meteorite implying it is mechanical in origing.''
One supposed expert pointed out that it was a ''cigar'' UFO due to its long thin shape. These are apparently less widely known than ''saucers''.
The first well-known UFO sighting occurred in 1947, when businessman Keneth Arnold claimed to see a group of nine high-speed objects near Mount Rainier in Washington while flying his small plane.
Arnold estimated the speed of the crescent-shaped objects as several thousand miles per hour and said they moved ''like saucers skipping on water.''
This is how the term flying saucer was coined as, in the newspaper report that followed, it was mistakenly stated that the objects were saucer-shaped.


February 08, 2016

Unidentified space craft in 10 month solar orbit

These images were taken by the 230-foot (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, Calif. Each of the 72 frames required 320 seconds of data collection by the Goldstone radar.

The observations were made as the object was moving away from Earth. The object's distance from the radar dish increased from 74,000 miles (120,000 kilometers) to 195,000 miles (314,000 kilometers).

 The resolution is 13 feet (four meters) per pixel. The images span close to eight hours and clearly show an elongated object undergoing roughly one full rotation. The images suggest that the object has a long axis of about 130 feet (40 meters). 

The radar observations were led by scientists Lance Benner and Marina Brozovic of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Additional Goldstone radar observations are scheduled on February 18, 19 and 20.
According to BPEarthWatch this is not an asteroid but more likely an Unidentified Space Craft.


February 06, 2016

Misterious fireball seen in north Georgia sky

Source: Dale Hulsey/Facebook
People all across the metro Atlanta area reported seeing a large fireball streak through the sky Monday afternoon over Snellville and Winder.
Several WSB-TV viewers submitted images and video to Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Glenn Burns of the object, which was spotted around 3:45 p.m.

''Okay...so we have a mystery on our hands. I know some people who know some people..we will find out something soon. I checked our radar data...nothing visible on radar. We know there was something in the sky. It was not a meteor. We might have something tomorrow after we have a chance to check some sources.'' (Posted by Glenn Burns on Monday, January 11, 2016)

Glenn spoke to officials at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, who say they believe the mysterious fireball is space debris, but so far, no one has officially determined what it was.

''After doing some research today, folks at Tellus believe it might have been space debris. Others say moving too slowly for space debris.''(Posted Glenn Burns on Tuesday, January 12, 2016)

Daniel Coles' picture of the object over Winder.(Facebook)
Also seen in Newman.

Here is the video of this object seen over Snellville at 3:45 this afternoon. No sound was observed. This was submitted by one of our FB friends.
Posted by Glenn Burns on 11 Ianuarie 2016

Source: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/mysterious-fireball-spotted-north-georgia-sky-mond/np3zY/

February 04, 2016

Alien structure found on Mars' surface - Sol 1237

Mars Image: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/proj/msl/redops/ods/surface/sol/01237/opgs/edr/ncam/NLB_507300229EDR_F0521162NCAM00322M_.JPG

This anomaly was discovered by ufo researcher Scott Waring in Curiosity rover photo on February 2, 2016. This bizzare creature was photographed by the rover as it surveyed the martian landscape. This is probably a fossil or the skeletal remains of a Martian critter.

Scott Waring: ''Hey everyone. I found this worm-like creature in a sand dune near Curiosity rover today. The photo is from Jan 29, but posted today on their site. The worm has armored segments along its body. I cannot see any legs, and looks like a burrowing creature. This is a photo of the die of the steep area of the sand dune. The sand dune sides are smooth and made perfect, and this tells me this worm creature burrowed to the edge of the cliff and turned back into the dune so it wouldn't fall. Excellent photo, for black and white. NASA gets color photos, but does have infrared and other filters on Curiosity. This photo of a armored worm is 100% proof that life, even though small, still exists on Mars.''

Photo: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/


But Secureteam10 thinks the anomaly is a screw shaped object.


February 03, 2016

4,500 year old egyptian boat found near pyramids

Czech archaeologists have unearthed an ancient funerary boat near the Abusir pyramids south of Cairo, officials said Monday, in a discovery that could shed light on shipbuilding in ancient Egypt.
The discovery of the more than 4,500-year-old remains of the wooden vessel, which archaeologists believe belonged to a prominent member of society, was made at the Abusir South cemetery, an antiquities ministry statement said.
While members of the team were clearing a mastaba or ancient tomb, they found parts of the 18-metre-long (59-foot) boat covered in sand and lying on a bed of stones, the ministry said.
The remains were found buried near the mastaba's southern wall, indicating the ''extraordinary social position of the owner of the tomb'', Miroslav Barta said.
The boat's length and pottery found with it shows that it could be from the end of the third or beginning of the fourth dynasty, the ministry said


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/

February 01, 2016

Similar or same object appears three times in the last few months near our Sun

Streetcap1: ''No one has successfully explained what these are. To my knowledge this elaborate phenomena has turned up three times in the last few months, the latest was January 28th, 2016. Items in each case only appear on one frame. On the last one the image is seen inverted but when turned is very similar to the previous two.''

Link images:




CERN dangers revealed! Paperclip Nazis and Cosmology Cartel

CERN Hadron Collider Revealed!

Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back Oxford Scholar and author of the popular Giza Death Star book series Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. His latest book, The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism, explores the deep political roots and global dangers of the controversial particle physics experiment by CERN called The Hadron Collider, which was set up in Geneva, Switzerland with a massive military style budget of over six billion dollars!

Dr. Farrell's research exposes CERN's official story of the so-called ''Atom-Smasher'' Hadron Collider Project, as being ostensibly created for peaceful scientific experiments in particle physics, and reveals that it is actually a dangerous advanced technology project set up for secret military purposes and is seeking the ability to manipulate matter on a galactic scale and possibly even open dimensional doorways.

Strangelets Danger

He cites the massive disturbances in the magnetosphere of the earth when the Hadron Collider is turned on and outlines that it may have serious consequences for physical life on earth and a major impact on the rotation of the planet itself. We also will discover that voices in the scientific community have raised objections that CERN is unsafe due to the potential development of ''Strangelets'' a distorted potential byproduct of the matter smashing experiments that have been compared to mini black holes that suck in all dense matter and energy. He also shows the undeniable similarity between the CERN Hadron Collider and a Nazi Physics project called ''The Bell'' that was an underground Torsion Physics project built by slave labor and overseen by the top Nazi Scientists to give them a master weapon to rule the world!

Deep State Nazi Connections

Dark Journalist and Dr. Farrell investigate the history of CERN and demonstrate clear links of a post-war Nazi International through the figure of John J. McCloy, lawyer for notorious German corporate conglomerate IG Farben. McCloy was also the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and became the American High Commissioner for post World War II Germany. In a controversial action,  McCloy helped clear and vet over 70,000 Nazis (yes, 70,000!) helping to utilize their intelligence networks to set up the CIA.
One of the major figures that he cleared was top Nazi legal theorist and prisoner of war Dr. Walter Hallstein who was eventually responsible for helping to set up CERN and who was also a key architect for developing the Nazi plan for European Federation that was eventually adopted as the blueprint for the European Union. McCloy, in a strange twist, also served on the Warren Commission to whitewash any Deep State connections to the JFK Assassinations. JFK was famously committed to ''Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces'' as a way to root out the Nazi infiltration of the agency and regain control over the government from suspected Nazi collaborators like CIA director Allen Dulles.


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