January 20, 2019

Strange craft followed aircraft in Tennessee, United States

MUFON Case 97876

Date of event: 2014-03-31

Location of sighting: Tennessee, United States

Eyewitness states:

''Strange craft followed aircraft for 30 secs up to 1 minute. I took one photo before the orb of light dimmed out.''

January 19, 2019

Best UFO sightings of November and December 2018

UFO World TV  presents a compilation with the best UFO sightings of November and December  2018.


January 06, 2019

Ancient origins of the Sphinx Temple of Egypt

Sitting directly in front of the Sphinx is a temple that shares its name, the Sphinx Temple, built with enormous limestone blocks and believed by experts to be Old Kingdom in origin and sitting adjacent to the enigmatic Valley Temple of Khafre.

It sits on a wide terrace roughly 8 feet lower than the base of the Sphinx and geologists and archaeologists agree that it is built from the same blocks of limestone as the Sphinx itself, as is the Khafre Valley Temple. The core Sphinx Temple blocks originate from the ditch surrounding the Sphinx.

So does this mean that the Sphinx Temple, as well as the Valley Temple are the same age as the Sphinx, a date proposed by Professor of Geology, Robert Schoch as being between 8 and 10,000 years ago?


January 05, 2019

Flaming object seen floating in the sky over Plymouth

Carl Burnett, 35, spotted a flaming object travelling above North Road West towards the Hoe on New Year's Day.

''I was out with my son just before 5pm last night and saw a ball of fire going through the sky,'' he said. ''I filmed it because I wasn't sure if anyone else had seen it. It happened at about 4.55pm and it was travelling towards the Hoe and then just disappeared. I was near North Road West. It looked a bit bigger than a tennis ball with flickers of fire coming from it.''


Source: plymouthherald

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