November 06, 2015

Red UFO over Gainesville, Mississippi, USA, Nov 2, 2015

MUFON Case #72143

Date of sighting: Nov 2, 2015

Eyewitness states: ''Me and my boyfriend had gone outside. Looking around and seen what at first I thought could of been a star. But it was very large and very bright. Then it started rising up very very slowly. Coming our direction. I started taking pictures of it. It almost looked to be a triangle. Very bright lights. So I have a couple of photo's of it. I think they are okay photo's. Was excited to see something. And someone was actually with me to witness it. What he could see of it. He just had his eyes worked on and has no glasses at the moment. But he did see something with me. I lost sight of it going east. Then I couldn't see it anymore.''


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