November 06, 2015

NASA captures amazing flying object on Mars

UniverseSeeker: ''On november 3th, Nasa's Curiosity rover snaps 2 images from the same location on Mars. In the first image is a little black dot in the sky, at first we thought it was something on the lens of the usual we didn't pay much attention to it. But that was until the second image was released. In the second image ''the little black dot'' became suddenly bigger and closer. Since the rover didn't move location or didn't zoom in, and both images were taken within the same minute, the only possible explanation is that the black object in the sky on the red planet has moved location itself. In an e-mail to NASA, we asked for an explanation. But even NASA's jpl can't seem to figure out why the object became closer and bigger without the rover changing location or zooming-in.''


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