May 15, 2016

UFO Ryanair: Life-threatening near-collision with UFO almost has cost lives!

Ryanair, an Irish Airline used COINTELPRO to get rid of the UFO almost had cost lives. A Ryanair passenger witnessed a gobbling near-collision with a UFO just after the plane took off.

On December 31st 2014, 3:55 pm CET, the Ryanair plane took off from Eindhoven airport, after 10 minutes airborne the UFO approached the plane with high velocity, overtook the plane and came back again towards the plane.

The evidence of the UFO Ryanair was recorded on camera by the passenger. KLM flight attendant reviewed the footage and confirmed the pilot was in distress, because of the unusual maneuver.

The UFO Ryanair is one of the best UFO cases that provides evidence that extraterrestrial UFOs are real. The case files are available here.


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