May 23, 2016

Patty Greer discloses key secret in Crop Circle Diaries: Mother Earth is the CropCirclemaker!

In a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, filmmaker Patty Greer reveals that her new film Crop Circle Diaries discloses a key secret discovered by scientists - that  Mother Earth is the CropCirclemaker!

In August 2007 she had a ''Contact'' experience in an English Crop Circle that altered the course of her life dramatically. She awakened from the experience with a relentless passion to understand the Crop Circle phenomena further and to film them, day and night.
Patty visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally and developed a telepathic communication with what seems to be the ''Circlemakers''. Patty believes that the Earth, human consciousness and ETs have been co-communicating Crop Circle messages for centuries.
Crop Circles Diaries brings to life the long hidden crop circle research of William Levengood, Phd ABD and Penny Kelly demonstrating that Earth-based energies in leyline areas, in synergy with intentional human or interdimensional energies, are source of Crop Circles.
Crop Circles & Density Ascension : Seeds planted in crop circles yield 40% more food and 70% more nutrition. The Crop Circle phenomenon can be technologized with Unity Consciousness and Love and provide and bountiful 4th/5thdensity Earth, creating density ascension here and now.



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