February 19, 2017

Planet facing converging cataclysms because of chemtrails - Dane Wigington

Climate modification researcher Dane Wigington points out the phenomenon called ''weather whiplash'', where it is hot one day and snowing the next, as it did recently in New York. Wigington says this is all being covered up to keep the public in the dark for as long as they can.

Wigington says, ''We have the paid liars, and I wish I could use a more diplomatic term. For example, The Weather Channel is owned by the corporate power structure...We have the foxes running the hen house. We have people at The Weather Channel trying to explain away the completely engineered weather as natural. At this point, can we call them anything but paid liars? With ''weather whiplash'', people should understand that something is radically wrong in New York when more than a week ago, we went from record shattering high temperatures to snow in less than 24 hours...This kind of ''weather whiplash'' can only be created by climate engineering.''

In closing, Wigington says, ''We are facing converging cataclysms. When people focus on jobs, economy and retirement, how much will any of that matter if we have a planet that doesn't support life? If we lose our habitat and every breath we take is full of toxic heavy metal that is making us sicker and dumber by the way...And my only goal is to bring this issue to light and to a halt. We know we have major collusion between all the major powers in the world on this issue. The single biggest leap we can take in the right direction is to expose and stop weather engineering which is weather warfare, and stop these programs (commonly known as chemtrails) in their tracks.''


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