January 07, 2017

'Star Trek ship' spotted over Random Island in Canada

Date of event: Feb. 23, 2016

Location of event: Random Island, Montreal, Canada

Source news: http://www.thepacket.ca/news/local/2016/12/29/clarenville-man-spots-ufo-over-random-island.html

The strange object was spotted over Random Island in Canada, by a man named Chad Haines. He saw the unidentified craft hovering in the sky near his house.

He said the object was hovering over water 'near to the moon' and was visible for two to three hours. Then the object moved up and down before rapidly shooting off out of sight.

Haines says the object wasn't a plane, and said the UFO was far too large to be a drone.

The original, unaltered version of the photo of the unidentified flying object taken on Feb. 23, 2016. (Photo courtesy of Chad Haines)

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