December 15, 2016

UFO photos taken during 1952 - Passaic, New Jersey

On July 29, 1952, at about 4:30 pm, George Stock and a friend, John H. Riely were in Stock's backyard when they spotted a strange object approaching.

Stock grabbed his camera and captured 5 photos of the craft in flight. It was estimated to be 25 feet in diameter and travelled slowly at about 200 feet above the ground.

The object slowed, hovered momentarily, then accelerated and flew away.
It had a semi-transparent green/blue dome on top, while the rest of the object was a blue/gray color with a metallic sheen.

These photos were printed in The Morning Call on Friday, August 3. The newspaper analyzed the photos and concluded that a fairly large object was actually photographed at the distance estimated.

No more attempts were made to further publicize the photos and they did not receive the attention they deserved because channels were being filled with reports.

Some 700 reports were logged that month and many photos were taken. This was also the time of a mass fly-over of Washington D.C. and the Capitol by UFOs.


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