May 09, 2018

UFO spotted in the sky in Reading, England

MUFON Case 91846

Date of event: 2018-05-06
Date submitted: 2018-05-07
Location of event: Reading, England

Eyewitness states:

Viewed while driving to the shops. Hovering against wind then dissappeared into distance

Long description of sighting report
While travelling to the shops I was attracted to a glimmering object in the sky. At first I thought it may be a balloon. But it wasn't behaving like a balloonwould travel into the sky. I have kids and know how quickly they escape into the heavens above! The height seemed pretty consistant although hard to trace at times. The object appeared to be reflecting and also emmiting light from its surface. I have seen a few unexplainable objects in the area mainly of white cylindrical shape as if a plane without wings or windows. One at a great height just the day before. No chemtrail and not picked up on my flight radar app. Also a few months before with my father I saw one at a lower altitude again no chemtrail. This one however was different and I was able to film it. It was travelling west and then took a turn north and dissappeared into the distance.


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