December 27, 2017

The Space X launch that scared Southern California, December 22, 2017

The latest Space X launch sent residents in Los Angeles into a frenzy after a mysterious white cloud formation was left over the southern California sky.

Jerry Ferguson in the Penguin Air and Plumbing spotted the incredible streak of light shortly before 6:30 p.m.


People were wondering if it had something to do with UFO, Project Blue Beam or alien technology.

Witnesses claimed the rocket appeared to break up, but Space X claimed the rocket launch was a success.

But this was not a typical rocket launch. In order to carry it's payload it needs to be ascending ''upward'' not flying horizontal with the horizon. If the rocket launch was indeed a success as Space X claims, then why wasn't the public alerted to the fact that they were going to get a spectacular light show with an approximate time, to stop people from calling 911 when they couldn't explain what they were seeing.

The explanation for this spectacular light show is just a cover story...


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