November 27, 2017

Ancient Astronauts carved in Hoysaleswara Temple?

This is Hoysaleswara Temple at Halebidu and here we can see a very strange carving: these figures look very similar to modern day astronauts. They are wearing helmets which cover their heads completely, and you can see that each person is wearing protective gloves in his hands, notice the cuffs of the gloves. If you observe closely, we can even see some of them have wires that go from one side of the helmet and hooked up to a spherical device at the back of the helmet. If you compare this carving with modern day astronauts, the similarity is uncanny. Yet, these carvings were created at least 900 years ago, some even say this temple was built many thousands of years ago. The question is, does this carving actually show astronauts, or does it depict something else?


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