September 03, 2017

Alien creatures photographed on Venus?

The Space Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, recently published a series of photographs.
Taken by the Venera probe over 30 years ago, on the surface of our closest neighbour, Venus...The photos, according to Leonid Ksan-fomaliti, present evidence of living organisms upon Venus - one of the most inhospitable places for human life in the solar system. The second planet from the sun, it is believed to have once been earth-like, although the constant temperature there now is around 480 degrees Celsius, hot enough to melt lead, even hotter than Mercury, which is tremendously closer to our Sun.
According to Ksan-fomaliti's, who is doctor of physical and mathematical science for the Institute of Space Research, the images reveal the movement of extremely strange objects on the surface of Venus.
Predictably, NASA, along with many other institutes of research have attempted to debunk his discovery, stating that the objects are nothing more than a lens cap, and 'noise' generated by the second-hand pictures, claiming that some of the objects are not present in the original images.
Ksan-fomaliti believes that in the images, a scorpion-shaped creature, a disk shaped object, and a 'black object', are visible moving in front of the onboard camera of the Venera 13.
Quoting Ksan-fomaliti in an article for the Russian journal Solar System Research magazine: ''They all just, emerge, fluctuate, and then dissapear...What we forget about the currently held theory regarding the non-existence of life of Venus, and bodly suggest that these objects, these morphological features captured within these images, could allow us to say that they are indeed living''.


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