August 21, 2017

Stone made of ''pure oxygen'' found in Africa?

In 1990 an Italian geologist named Angelo Pitoni, would find an unusual stone while visiting Sierra Leone. A mysterious artefact that has baffled all who have studied it.
A local ''Fula Chief'' was said to have given it to Pitoni, a blue stone with mysterious white lines upon its surface. After returning to Europe, Pitoni took the stone to the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and then University La Sapienza in Rome for further analysis.
To his surprise, tests revealed that it was not a turquoise, or indeed anything that could officially be identified. Furthermore, the blue stone didn't correspond to any known mineral. But the most intriguing thing is its colour. Researchers still do not understand how the stone has acquired or retained its colour, this, even though several universities and laboratories have analysed the artefact at great length, it seems its colour remains a mystery.

Mysteriously, at the University of Utrecht, the stone underwent several tests with use of strong acids but none of the acids could affect the stone.
It was even heated to over 3.000 degrees Celsius, yet its composition wasn't altered. When a small piece of the stone was pulverized, and viewed under the microscope, it curiously lost its colour.
Now known as the sky stone, according to analysis, an amazing 77.17% of the stone, is somehow made of pure OXYGEN. The remaining percentage was divided between carbon, calcium and another unknown element.
When researchers crushed a piece of the sky rock and mixed it with acetone, hexane and methylene, and then enhanced the extractions with ultrasound. They were eventually able to locate an organic compound that is currently unknown to science.

Dated at 55,000 years old just what is the sky stone? How could it possibly be made mostly of oxygen? Is this stone a past remnant left by a once advanced civilization? Or maybe its origins are not even local to earth...

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